Friday, October 24, 2014

When you put a gum to your mouth is it just for the purpose of chewing your brains out? Or, are there other benefits to consider? I wrote Wrigley to find out…

Dear Gum Gurus:

If ever there were a name that has stuck with gum over the years, it’s Wrigley. So can you help me out with a few gum-related questions?

If you removed the sweeteners, softeners, flavorings, colorings and preservatives from chewing gum, what would the actual gum stuff be … and where does it come from?

Your website says there have been multiple clinical studies and reviews that have indicated that chewing sugar-free gum after meals can help protect your teeth. But what about sugar-loaded gum? Are there any benefits to chewing that after meals besides killing the toxic taste sometimes caused by my wife’s cooking?

Finally, if chewing sugar-free gum helps improve oral health as you claim, are there any studies that attest to its benefits related to chewing it after oral sex? If this question made you blush or feel uncomfortable, please ignore it or have someone else type the answer.

Great movie idea: Gum with the Wind. Would you watch it?

A Consumer Care Representative responded with:

Thank you for your interest in the “Benefits of Gum.” We are excited about this new study and are always happy to hear from our consumers on how gum has impacted their lives.

The “Benefits of Gum” booklet will not be available for mass distribution. However, you may go to our website,, and click the “Benefits of Chewing” section to view some of our findings. Please continue to periodically check this portion of our website as we are always updating it with new information.

We hope this information has been helpful and thanks again for contacting the Wrigley Company.

Final Thoughts: Rather than provide specific answers to my questions in her reply, the Consumer Care Representative directed me to the Benefits of Chewing section of the Wrigley website. Fair enough, there’s interesting information there. However, as I mentioned in my email, Wrigley’s website is where I started in the first place and the questions I submitted in my inquiry weren’t answered there. So that kind of left me feeling stranded like a piece of gum stuck on hold under a school desk.

When it comes to the benefits of gum, there are probably many more options to chews from than you thought. After conducting further research, these were some of the more unconventional benefits such as using gum to improve your memory or as bait to catch catfish. For more ideas, check out 7 Unusual Uses for Bubble Gum and Chew and Save with Gum’s Other Uses.

Some other information Wrigley posted online also worth taking a look at includes How Gum is Made and History of Gum. I discovered that chewing on natural materials dates back hundreds of years. Today, gum base for chewing and bubble gum is made of man-made latex. Although, that doesn’t mean you should ever consider using it in place of a condom.

Here’s where you can learn more about chewing and gum products from Wrigley. But when you contact a manufacturer, sometimes their response may make you wonder whether you tried to bite off more than you can chew when you Write The Company.

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Even though I had Scotch Tape on my mind recently, it was becoming increasingly difficult to wrap my brain around it. So I consulted 3M, master manufacturer and maker of Scotch brand tape to learn more about their product…

Dear Scotch Tapers:

You claim your Scotch Magic Tape is ideal for permanent paper mending and invisible when applied. Please explain how you can say those things. I’ve tried using it on shredded documents, where permanent paper mending and invisibility are most critical of all, and I don’t see a shred of evidence of that being accurate.

Can you also explain what makes Scotch Tape Scotch? Is this one of those myths like French Toast is French, or Panama Hats are made in Panama? Or, is there really something Scottish about Scotch Tape?

Finally, have you ever heard of a Scotch Tape dispenser running away from home? I’ve never taken mine out of my home, yet it disappeared about 2 months ago. Even my cleaning lady can’t find it. Of course, there’s always a chance she’s the one who took it, but without proof, I can’t really make that charge stick so to speak.

When it comes to getting ripped, reach for the Scotch!

A Representative from 3M Stationery Products Division responded with:

Thank you for taking the time to share your comments/concerns with 3M. Feedback from our customers is an integral part of our business and we encourage it. Please know that we have forwarded your message to the appropriate department.

We appreciate your input!



We value your feedback on this email response experience. Please take a moment to complete these 5 questions. Your responses will let us know whether we are serving you well and how we may improve. Thank you for your continued support of 3M.

Click the link to complete a 5 question survey <link provided>
– If there is a need to reply to this response, please leave the subject line intact to assure correct routing.

In response to my need to reply to their response, I responded with:

Dear Stationery Products Division,

I’m glad you appreciate my input! I would appreciate yours also. How about some answers to my questions?

No Reply.

Final Thoughts: 3M has some nerve! They don’t bother to answer any of my questions and avoid a second chance follow-up request for specifics, yet they expect me to answer their 5 survey questions? They value my feedback, but don’t provide any feedback at all of their own? They want to know if they’re serving me well and how they can improve? Improve what — the structure of their form letter? Oh yes, you served me well in the vaguest of possible replies, but next time could you please consider adding even more form letter faves that you missed such as: ‘Thank you for taking the time to write us’ and ‘Please contact us again with any further comments or concerns so we can forward those to the appropriate department, which won’t bother to get back to you with actual product information either.’

Scotch Tape sticks to a lot of things, including the skin of consumers. But Scotch Tape isn’t permanent, even with consumers who have thick skin. On the other hand, one thing that sticks with consumers even longer than Scotch Tape is whether a company’s Customer Service Department make a legitimate effort to stick with them. When they don’t, it gets under the skin of consumers and Scotch Tape isn’t nearly strong enough to mend that kind of damage. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to what’s revealed by the tale of the tape.

When you have something on paper that requires mending, consider Scotch Tape. However, when you’re looking for a response on paper about a product, things may not always roll so smoothly when you Write The Company.

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