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Mosquito Magnetism

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Some guys are chick magnets. I’m more of a mosquito magnet. The biggest difference is that mosquitoes are known to make you scratch, but chicks often prefer to just go after your scratch. In any case, I came across a product called Mosquito Magnet, so I consulted the manufacturer to see if mosquitoes would be more attracted to it than me…

Dear Mosquito Magnetizers:

How does a Mosquito Magnet work? From what I understand, magnets attract metals. Do mosquitoes really have so much iron in their bodies that it’s enough to suck them onto a magnet? Does your product still work on mosquitoes that dine on victims with iron poor blood?

You also claim that mosquitoes are attracted to the warmth of the breath and the carbon dioxide produced by humans. And that Mosquito Magnet lures mosquitoes by producing a continuous and odorless stream of carbon dioxide, warmth and moisture into the air. If that’s true, since human mouths are also emitting carbon dioxide, warmth and moisture, why aren’t mosquitoes trying to fly into our mouths all day long instead of trying to bite us? Why are mosquitoes so vein?

You further mention that once mosquitoes become trapped by the Mosquito Magnet they die from dehydration within 24 hours of capture. Do they pass out first…and after how long? Do they go into a coma? Why does it take 24 hours for a miniscule mosquito to dehydrate?

Finally, since you’re experts on mosquitoes, do you know if they have the ability to experience itching?

Have a magnetificant day!


A “Dedicated Customer Support Team” Representative responded with:

Thank you for contacting Woodstream and for your interest in the Mosquito Magnet®. Mosquito Magnet® traps work by attracting and capturing mosquitoes and other biting insects that are breeding in your yard. These insects are attracted to our Mosquito Magnet® mosquito traps by carbon dioxide and a secondary attractant, Lurex or Octenol. The “Mosquito Magnet” does not contain an actual “Magnet”.

I do not have information on “why mosquitoes are not trying to fly into our mouths all day long instead of trying to bite us” or if mosquitoes “pass out” or “go into a coma” first before they die.

If you have further questions on the operation of the Mosquito Magnet®, please let us know. You may find all of the available information we have for mosquitoes by visiting

Thank you,


Final Thoughts: All humans emit Carbon Dioxide. Some emit far worse that may also repel mosquitoes, or for that matter, possibly mountain lions. However, even if your ancestors weren’t mosquitoes but were carriers of some kind of bloodsucking gene, chances are your emissions don’t contain Lurex or Octenol. Therefore, human bodies apparently can only attract mosquitoes, but not trap and kill them without the aid of a 20 mph hand smack. Luckily, Woodstream figured this out before hygiene product manufacturers. It would be disgusting if deodorant makers started putting Lurex or Octenol in their products, transforming armpits into mosquito magnets where these pesky insects got trapped and lived until they died within 24-hours.

White it was interesting to learn how Mosquito Magnet works, it would have also been fascinating to uncover what mosquitoes experience during the “within 24-hours” death trap stage — especially whether they are capable of passing out or going into a coma. One thing this does confirm is that even for mosquitoes, death is never timely.

The link provided by the Representative to additional mosquito information turned up lots of intriguing insights. There were sections on Mosquito-Borne Diseases, a Biting Insect Library and Fun Mosquito Facts. Did you know that a female mosquito is able to bite its first victim after only two days as an adult? Ironically, many human males feel the bite of a female adult within minutes on the very first date. Another fun fact reveals that mosquitoes do not have very good vision and rely on the carbon dioxide you exhale to locate you. So if you suspect mosquitoes are in the area, hide behind something and try not to exhale.

If you’re attracting mosquitoes but would prefer a product that allegedly attracts and kills them for you, look into Mosquito Magnet. However, if you’re itching to scratch beneath the surface of how any product works, you can always Write The Company.

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