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Friday, April 23, 2010

In the Hole with Sara Lee

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There is something about donuts I’d like to see changed. I asked Sara Lee if they could make that happen…

Dear Sara Lee Donut Bakers:

I am requesting that you consider getting rid of the holes in Sara Lee donuts. Just let bagels have them if not for any other reason than the Jewish bakers who created and popularized them understand the hole sale market better than anyone.

Why do donuts even have holes? They rest on trays. You don’t stack them on poles. No one plays ring toss with them (although one bedroom game comes to mind involving a French Cruller, but let’s not get into that here). So, who came up with the idea of blowing the middle out of something that tastes so good?

Fill those holes! They did it with jelly donuts; why not do it with all of them now? I’ll bet if you did a focus group, you’ll find that consumers will want you to shut your holes. Do you have proof that shows otherwise?

A Sara Lee Consumer Affairs Representative responded with:

Thank you for contacting Sara Lee® with your questions, comments and suggestions. We have forwarded your suggestion for the donuts to our Marketing Team for consideration. We truly value you as a customer and as always, we will continue to produce superior quality products that meet your expectations.

Final Thoughts: It was considerate of Consumer Affairs to forward my thoughts to Marketing. Then again, it leaves me feeling a bit like a hole — empty. When dealing with a subject such as  holes, it would have been nice if Sara Lee had provided some kind of closure. However, they did include enclosures — two very generous coupons for a FREE Sara Lee Frozen Dessert (up to $6.00) and a FREE Fresh Bakery Product (up to $5.00).

What will the Marketing Team do? Will they consult the Bakery Team? Will they organize a focus group? Will the group be swayed in favor of keeping donuts unchanged by hole-loving people such as drillers, golfers and men who knowingly wear holey underwear? Will there be an equivalent number of anti-hole representatives to oppose them like manhole cover designers, peg makers and loophole closers? Or, will Marketing just drop the hole thing altogether? We’ll just have to keep checking the supermarket to find out.

In the meantime, there are a wide variety of tasty foods and treats to explore — with and without holes — from Sara Lee. But remember, if you discover any holes in the marketing or manufacturing of a product you enjoy, at least try to close in on the answers and Write The Company.

1 Response to "In the Hole with Sara Lee"

cynthia keever

August 20, 2010 at 12:26 pm


Just wanted to write and express how much I like Sara Lee cheesecake and peach pie! Actually just about everything!

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